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Link roundup 4/15/12

16 Apr

Note: A sample content calendar (called Content Calendar Example.xlsx) and the Powerpoint from last Wednesday (041112 Home base.pptx) are now available to download.

Links for this week:

Fascinating research – most Americans DO NOT want to see promotions in social media. This proves that being helpful and useful is better than being gimmicky.

A little more on Pinterest + copyright

Updated stats on Facebook, Google+, and many others.

Great interview from Jay Baer, co-author of your textbook, with the author of “The Power of Unpopular.” Now I want to read that book. You can either watch the video or read the transcript of the interview.

Facebook’s latest $1 billion purchase


Link roundup 3/18/12

18 Mar

Welcome back from spring break! This week’s links…

Pinterest has come under fire for copyright concerns…

…and for allowing imposters to squat on brands’ accounts.

I just learned about Code for America. Check out some of their current projects; what a cool concept.

I really love what AmEx is doing with their social campaign – they integrate into how people really use social media. Great example of customer loyalty/advocacy.

Are you considering recommending that your cereal set up its own social network for part of your final project? Read this first.

Link Roundup 2/12/12

12 Feb

Not necessarily about social media, but a great take on the Susan G. Komen PR issue.

Southwest Airlines’ tips for social media – they would be another good one to feature as a case study.

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook search is weak…this article talks about some of its downfalls.

Lego is using social media to promote a video contest – this is a good example of what we’ve been discussing in class (how people use social media, customer loyalty as a strategy, and the Lego brand from the Groundswell book)

Interview with the CEO of foursquare on the future of his company. Have you used foursquare? What do you think of it?

New info on Pinterest’s monetization. They’re not being very transparent…does this change how you think of the company?

Link roundup 2/5/12

6 Feb

Here’s the Chapstick example I mentioned in class: a perfect example of a campaign backfiring, and the company reacting by trying to stop the conversation. What would you recommend that they do in this situation?

21 must-follow users on Pinterest – for those of you using Pinterest for your social media presence, check this out!

More on Pinterest: tips for brand usage and stats.

According to HubSpot, LinkedIn has a much higher rate of lead generation than Facebook or Twitter.

Millennials trust content from our peers. Another reason ratings and reviews can be so important for brands.

Link roundup 1/29/12

30 Jan

These are the important social media articles I found this week that you should pay attention to. Please read at least a few of them, as they will probably make an appearance on the next quiz:

  • Great examples of brands using Instagram to tell their story. These would make good case study projects.
  • Are any of you hoping to become community managers after you graduate? Some new info on the role of community managers.
  • More brands being awesome on Pinterest. Clothing stores are a natural fit (Gap, Nordstrom) but I’m glad they also highlight other retailers like West Elm, and unexpected brands like Whole Foods and Travel Channel.
  • Sam Adams is crowdsourcing a limited-edition beer, and at least one blogger thinks it’s a terrible idea. What do you think?
  • This is a good (though oversimplified) breakdown of some popular social media platforms if you aren’t familiar with them.
  • Brands may be pushed to Timeline layout on Facebook on or after February 29th.

Social media presence assignment

25 Jan

Here are links to everyone’s social spaces for their social media assignment, along with their one thing:

Anna P – @Anna_Petersen10 – wedding
Brittany M – @Moorhouse_B – health & wellness
Dani K – @danikrolak – student-focused current events
Drew O – @DenjinDrew – fighting video games
Emily R – @Risch_08 – food and recipes, gluten-free
Jared E – @jarederling – news/political commentary
Mackinzie E – @KinzE_3 – PR
Madison G – @MahdeesanGee – #retailmishaps
Sam B – @SamanthaBruers – travel
Sam G – @samg99 – Minnesota sports
Kelli H – @GapKidsFargo – kids
Kristin K – @KristinKirtz – music
Makoto K – @KumagaiMakoto – English language
Julia M – @J4Running – training for Fargo 10k
Michael S – @michaelstark21 – Minnesota Timberwolves
Matt W – @weebus1234 – food
Zhou Y – @TonyBBX – fashion & style
Dipa G – @DipaGurung1 – fashion & makeup
Rachel K – @kvaalera – health & fitness
Daniel Z – @DZWolves – Minnesota Timberwolves
Dikshya B – @Mz_DikshyaB
Brock K – @BigDreamKeaton – music

Lowell R – Food Geek – food


Lane Z on LinkedIn – priceless photos
Ryan K on LinkedIn

Brittany T on Pinterest – clothing
Steph L on Pinterest – healthy lifestyle
Megan C on Pinterest – wedding
Kallie F on Pinterest – wedding

Link roundup 1/17/12

18 Jan

Really interesting stats on ClickZ from 2011, including traffic for up-and-comer Pinterest.

Many times my clients challenge me to show how social media is affecting their sales. This post from Lies, Damned Lies, and StatisticsĀ  emphasizes that proving a direct, immediate correlation is not always the right way to measure.

Nobody has chosen Google+ as their project yet, but Google’s new development in search means the new network is growing more important for marketers.

Chobani yogurt is one of the first brands on Pinterest.

Betty Crocker’s holiday campaign…I’m no expert chef so I love this idea.