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Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion (Extra credit post from Kelli)

30 Apr

When Facebook filed to go public in February, they wondered if their lack in experience of large aqcuisitions could pose risks for investors. Well… after this $1 Billion dollar transaction, I’d say they’re gaining experience!

Facebook has announced it is buying Instagram, the mobile photo-sharing application, to lure users of mobile devices. They are paying this high price in-part to play keep away from Google and other big companies that could potentially snatch up the company themselves.

You can read the article here and see how they plan to use Instagram to their advantage.

(This is a guest blog post from Kelli Heath. Thanks Kelli!)


Link roundup 1/29/12

30 Jan

These are the important social media articles I found this week that you should pay attention to. Please read at least a few of them, as they will probably make an appearance on the next quiz:

  • Great examples of brands using Instagram to tell their story. These would make good case study projects.
  • Are any of you hoping to become community managers after you graduate? Some new info on the role of community managers.
  • More brands being awesome on Pinterest. Clothing stores are a natural fit (Gap, Nordstrom) but I’m glad they also highlight other retailers like West Elm, and unexpected brands like Whole Foods and Travel Channel.
  • Sam Adams is crowdsourcing a limited-edition beer, and at least one blogger thinks it’s a terrible idea. What do you think?
  • This is a good (though oversimplified) breakdown of some popular social media platforms if you aren’t familiar with them.
  • Brands may be pushed to Timeline layout on Facebook on or after February 29th.