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Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion (Extra credit post from Kelli)

30 Apr

When Facebook filed to go public in February, they wondered if their lack in experience of large aqcuisitions could pose risks for investors. Well… after this $1 Billion dollar transaction, I’d say they’re gaining experience!

Facebook has announced it is buying Instagram, the mobile photo-sharing application, to lure users of mobile devices. They are paying this high price in-part to play keep away from Google and other big companies that could potentially snatch up the company themselves.

You can read the article here and see how they plan to use Instagram to their advantage.

(This is a guest blog post from Kelli Heath. Thanks Kelli!)


Link roundup 4/15/12

16 Apr

Note: A sample content calendar (called Content Calendar Example.xlsx) and the Powerpoint from last Wednesday (041112 Home base.pptx) are now available to download.

Links for this week:

Fascinating research – most Americans DO NOT want to see promotions in social media. This proves that being helpful and useful is better than being gimmicky.

A little more on Pinterest + copyright

Updated stats on Facebook, Google+, and many others.

Great interview from Jay Baer, co-author of your textbook, with the author of “The Power of Unpopular.” Now I want to read that book. You can either watch the video or read the transcript of the interview.

Facebook’s latest $1 billion purchase

Link roundup 3/4/12

4 Mar

This guy makes fantastic points about why you need to have a strategy before you invest in social, especially Facebook. Definitely supports what we talked about in class this week.

Love this QR code blog.

So many articles on the new Facebook layout:

Leap Day snow day!

29 Feb

No class today, 2/29. Enjoy your day off! But if you do want to nerd out about social media during your snow day, you should tune into Facebook’s Marketing Summit, live today from 12:00 to 5:00. We will talk more about it in class next week.

Link Roundup 2/12/12

12 Feb

Not necessarily about social media, but a great take on the Susan G. Komen PR issue.

Southwest Airlines’ tips for social media – they would be another good one to feature as a case study.

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook search is weak…this article talks about some of its downfalls.

Lego is using social media to promote a video contest – this is a good example of what we’ve been discussing in class (how people use social media, customer loyalty as a strategy, and the Lego brand from the Groundswell book)

Interview with the CEO of foursquare on the future of his company. Have you used foursquare? What do you think of it?

New info on Pinterest’s monetization. They’re not being very transparent…does this change how you think of the company?

Link roundup 1/8/12

8 Jan

Featured Facebook campaigns from the Inside Facebook blog…these would all make great subjects for your in-class presentation.

Another smart Facebook campaign from Oreo: recognizing fans’ birthdays throughout 2012 (Oreo’s 100th birthday).

More people have mobile Internet access than satellite TV, according to the latest report from Nielsen Wire. This is such a good blog.

Link roundup 1/1/12

2 Jan

Welcome to the first link roundup of 2012, where I’ll post links to the week’s most important articles.

Only 5% of Americans actually used QR codes this summer: AdAge Digital

Check out the amount of time spent on Facebook…nuts. NielsenWire

One of my favorite social media/digital blogs is Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics, written by the brilliant Dirk Singer. This post talks about the influence of Twitter vs Facebook in news in 2011.

Delta created this video to launch the “track baggage” feature on their mobile app. I think the video is outstanding; minimally branded and beautifully produced. But…not all the YouTube commenters agree. What do you think?