Link roundup 1/29/12

30 Jan

These are the important social media articles I found this week that you should pay attention to. Please read at least a few of them, as they will probably make an appearance on the next quiz:

  • Great examples of brands using Instagram to tell their story. These would make good case study projects.
  • Are any of you hoping to become community managers after you graduate? Some new info on the role of community managers.
  • More brands being awesome on Pinterest. Clothing stores are a natural fit (Gap, Nordstrom) but I’m glad they also highlight other retailers like West Elm, and unexpected brands like Whole Foods and Travel Channel.
  • Sam Adams is crowdsourcing a limited-edition beer, and at least one blogger thinks it’s a terrible idea. What do you think?
  • This is a good (though oversimplified) breakdown of some popular social media platforms if you aren’t familiar with them.
  • Brands may be pushed to Timeline layout on Facebook on or after February 29th.

Social media presence assignment

25 Jan

Here are links to everyone’s social spaces for their social media assignment, along with their one thing:

Anna P – @Anna_Petersen10 – wedding
Brittany M – @Moorhouse_B – health & wellness
Dani K – @danikrolak – student-focused current events
Drew O – @DenjinDrew – fighting video games
Emily R – @Risch_08 – food and recipes, gluten-free
Jared E – @jarederling – news/political commentary
Mackinzie E – @KinzE_3 – PR
Madison G – @MahdeesanGee – #retailmishaps
Sam B – @SamanthaBruers – travel
Sam G – @samg99 – Minnesota sports
Kelli H – @GapKidsFargo – kids
Kristin K – @KristinKirtz – music
Makoto K – @KumagaiMakoto – English language
Julia M – @J4Running – training for Fargo 10k
Michael S – @michaelstark21 – Minnesota Timberwolves
Matt W – @weebus1234 – food
Zhou Y – @TonyBBX – fashion & style
Dipa G – @DipaGurung1 – fashion & makeup
Rachel K – @kvaalera – health & fitness
Daniel Z – @DZWolves – Minnesota Timberwolves
Dikshya B – @Mz_DikshyaB
Brock K – @BigDreamKeaton – music

Lowell R – Food Geek – food


Lane Z on LinkedIn – priceless photos
Ryan K on LinkedIn

Brittany T on Pinterest – clothing
Steph L on Pinterest – healthy lifestyle
Megan C on Pinterest – wedding
Kallie F on Pinterest – wedding

Link roundup 1/22/12

22 Jan

Great post on trends for 2012. Includes 3 different types of social media goals, and a great case study on a brand promotion.

10 companies SOPA could destroy and why. We’ll talk more about SOPA in class this week.

Class summary 1/18/12

18 Jan

Reminder: please email me with the names of the people you DO or DO NOT want to work with for your group project.

You can download both the strategy worksheet and today’s presentation here.

And here’s the Forrester audience measurement tool mentioned in class.

Link roundup 1/17/12

18 Jan

Really interesting stats on ClickZ from 2011, including traffic for up-and-comer Pinterest.

Many times my clients challenge me to show how social media is affecting their sales. This post from Lies, Damned Lies, and StatisticsĀ  emphasizes that proving a direct, immediate correlation is not always the right way to measure.

Nobody has chosen Google+ as their project yet, but Google’s new development in search means the new network is growing more important for marketers.

Chobani yogurt is one of the first brands on Pinterest.

Betty Crocker’s holiday campaign…I’m no expert chef so I love this idea.

First day questionnaire

9 Jan

Please email your answers by 1/11.

  1. Name
  2. Expected graduation date
  3. Social media you use currently (blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc). (Please include URLs/screen names if you are comfortable sharing)
  4. Your favorite of these, and why
  5. Your dream job right after college
  6. Your dream job in 10-15 years
  7. Three things you hope to learn in this class

Thank you!

Link roundup 1/8/12

8 Jan

Featured Facebook campaigns from the Inside Facebook blog…these would all make great subjects for your in-class presentation.

Another smart Facebook campaign from Oreo: recognizing fans’ birthdays throughout 2012 (Oreo’s 100th birthday).

More people have mobile Internet access than satellite TV, according to the latest report from Nielsen Wire. This is such a good blog.