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Revised syllabus and measurement assignment info

4 Apr

Click this link to download the final revised syllabus.

Click this link to download the Measurement Assignment.

Click here to download the Facebook information you will need for the assignment.

And click here to download a PDF of the Facebook page (optional, in case Facebook is down).


If any of these links don’t work, you can access all the class files here.


Video assignment due 3/19

7 Mar

Please see the requirements for your video assignment here: The assignment is titled Video Assignment.docx. Please let me know if you have questions – thanks!

Social media presence assignment

25 Jan

Here are links to everyone’s social spaces for their social media assignment, along with their one thing:

Anna P – @Anna_Petersen10 – wedding
Brittany M – @Moorhouse_B – health & wellness
Dani K – @danikrolak – student-focused current events
Drew O – @DenjinDrew – fighting video games
Emily R – @Risch_08 – food and recipes, gluten-free
Jared E – @jarederling – news/political commentary
Mackinzie E – @KinzE_3 – PR
Madison G – @MahdeesanGee – #retailmishaps
Sam B – @SamanthaBruers – travel
Sam G – @samg99 – Minnesota sports
Kelli H – @GapKidsFargo – kids
Kristin K – @KristinKirtz – music
Makoto K – @KumagaiMakoto – English language
Julia M – @J4Running – training for Fargo 10k
Michael S – @michaelstark21 – Minnesota Timberwolves
Matt W – @weebus1234 – food
Zhou Y – @TonyBBX – fashion & style
Dipa G – @DipaGurung1 – fashion & makeup
Rachel K – @kvaalera – health & fitness
Daniel Z – @DZWolves – Minnesota Timberwolves
Dikshya B – @Mz_DikshyaB
Brock K – @BigDreamKeaton – music

Lowell R – Food Geek – food


Lane Z on LinkedIn – priceless photos
Ryan K on LinkedIn

Brittany T on Pinterest – clothing
Steph L on Pinterest – healthy lifestyle
Megan C on Pinterest – wedding
Kallie F on Pinterest – wedding

First day questionnaire

9 Jan

Please email your answers by 1/11.

  1. Name
  2. Expected graduation date
  3. Social media you use currently (blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc). (Please include URLs/screen names if you are comfortable sharing)
  4. Your favorite of these, and why
  5. Your dream job right after college
  6. Your dream job in 10-15 years
  7. Three things you hope to learn in this class

Thank you!