Cranium doing social media right (Extra credit post from Michael)

7 May

Cranium, a board game by Hasbro, wanted to be more involved in the social media world. To make their campaign more social, Cranium does a good job of using content from the game to connect with their fans. On Facebook, Cranium will often post facts from their game. Cranium knows their audience quite well and that these fun facts will draw them in.

Cranium Facebook page

Cranium has created an app that allows users to play their game. This app encourages a great time for fans through engagement.

Cranium also does a very good job of using video. They do great with making their social media campaign interactive with fans. On Cranium’s Facebook page, they have fans post videos of them humming some of their favorite songs and then have people try to guess which song it is.

I feel like Cranium has done an awesome job with this social media campaign and getting their fans involved. I think that the campaign has definitely increased people’s interest in Cranium.

(This is a guest blog post from Michael Stark. Thanks Michael!)


Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion (Extra credit post from Kelli)

30 Apr

When Facebook filed to go public in February, they wondered if their lack in experience of large aqcuisitions could pose risks for investors. Well… after this $1 Billion dollar transaction, I’d say they’re gaining experience!

Facebook has announced it is buying Instagram, the mobile photo-sharing application, to lure users of mobile devices. They are paying this high price in-part to play keep away from Google and other big companies that could potentially snatch up the company themselves.

You can read the article here and see how they plan to use Instagram to their advantage.

(This is a guest blog post from Kelli Heath. Thanks Kelli!)

Link roundup 4/15/12

16 Apr

Note: A sample content calendar (called Content Calendar Example.xlsx) and the Powerpoint from last Wednesday (041112 Home base.pptx) are now available to download.

Links for this week:

Fascinating research – most Americans DO NOT want to see promotions in social media. This proves that being helpful and useful is better than being gimmicky.

A little more on Pinterest + copyright

Updated stats on Facebook, Google+, and many others.

Great interview from Jay Baer, co-author of your textbook, with the author of “The Power of Unpopular.” Now I want to read that book. You can either watch the video or read the transcript of the interview.

Facebook’s latest $1 billion purchase

Revised syllabus and measurement assignment info

4 Apr

Click this link to download the final revised syllabus.

Click this link to download the Measurement Assignment.

Click here to download the Facebook information you will need for the assignment.

And click here to download a PDF of the Facebook page (optional, in case Facebook is down).


If any of these links don’t work, you can access all the class files here.

No class on Monday, 4/2

2 Apr

So sorry to cancel again – this would be a good opportunity to work on your group projects in class 🙂 See you on Wednesday, 4/4!

Link roundup 3/18/12

18 Mar

Welcome back from spring break! This week’s links…

Pinterest has come under fire for copyright concerns…

…and for allowing imposters to squat on brands’ accounts.

I just learned about Code for America. Check out some of their current projects; what a cool concept.

I really love what AmEx is doing with their social campaign – they integrate into how people really use social media. Great example of customer loyalty/advocacy.

Are you considering recommending that your cereal set up its own social network for part of your final project? Read this first.

Video assignment due 3/19

7 Mar

Please see the requirements for your video assignment here: The assignment is titled Video Assignment.docx. Please let me know if you have questions – thanks!